Go Green Concept

 Go Green Concept

To take advantage of the GO GREEN concept, a job seeker should possess a registered account with takeajob.com to avoid login complexity. On choosing the GO GREEN option from the features, the main URL generating page will appear. Here, you can either continue with the default URL provided by takeajob or edit it as per your preference. Next, click GENERATE button present in middle of the page, in order to generate and save the URL.

Go Green URL Format:- https://takeajob.com/john-lewis-12

Once the details are saved, head on by opting the GENERATE PASSWORD button for landing on the resume templates page. Decide which one of the templates (many more pleasant formats are coming up in the near future) you wish for creating your resume/CV. Now SUBMIT it. The password generation page will show up. You can easily create a new password by opting any one of the given options - Mobile, Date of Birth or random. After that select the company/ies you prefer appearing for an interview.

The best thing about takeajob GO GREEN concept is that irrespective of whether an employer/company/others is registered with us or not, you can add them here for presenting your resume/CV during the hours of interview.

You have the flexibility of managing your GO GREEN details either by editing or deleting permanently from your profile. Moreover, if you wish you can even preview your stand by resume/CV with the help of the ACTION options provided.

The GO GREEN concept has been introduced by takeajob.com only to save you and your precious time from the confusions and the intricacies involved with presenting a hardcopy of the resumes/CVs. Thus, while appearing for an interview, you need to provide your URL for the login page to appear. Once it shows up, the interviewer can get access to your resume/CV by typing the company's name along with the password that you had created. Now, your resume can either be viewed online or downloaded for later reference.